Barack Obama was president for less than five minutes when he chose to ignore the Constitution and recite an oath of office devised by Chief Justice Collaborator John Roberts. Fewer than five minutes later, he told the first untruth of his presidency, claiming in his inaugural address that 44 Americans had taken the presidential oath. Wrong on two counts Barack!

1) Grover Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th President. That would have meant that only 43 people had taken that oath.

Except that…

2) Barack Obama would have been the 43rd person to take that oath, if he had actually taken it himself prior to making his false claim.

Today in a major cover-up operation, Obama and Roberts had a little do-over in the Whitehouse.

So I think we can now officially assign a name to the first scandal of the Failed Obama Administration: Oathgate.

It is my sincerest hope for this country that all of my readers find themselves in firm possession of superior sarcasm detection faculties. But seriously, I’d like to wish the new “President to the United States” all the best.