Today at about 11:40, I decided it was high time for lunch. Often, I will go to Subway and get a 12″ sub. I eat half of it that day, and half the next. Today was the day for the other half. I went to the cafeteria, opened my sub, and slipped it into the toaster oven. Then I flipped on the TV to watch the Inauguration. Bing! Sub was ready. I sat down to eat in front of the tube.

As the ceremony progressed, more and more of my co-workers began to fill the cafeteria. Nearly everyone was struck by the size of the crowd.

I found Aretha Franklin’s performance to be quite powerful. Then I listened as Joe Biden repeated the oath. And that’s when the stupidest thought of the day occurred to me.

If Joe Biden had become the Veep as soon as he finished the oath he would have been the Vice President under George Bush for a few minutes. It doesn’t really work that way – their terms begin at noon whether they are sworn in before (as was Biden), or after (as was Obama).

But if it had – it would have been a moment in time akin to that little silver thing on an eight-track tape where the tape itself is spliced together. When the player detects that – kachink! the head moves to the next track. Very much an in-between sort of moment.

You were warned – it was the stupidest thought of the day. With the possible exception of the thought I had to actually record it and share my stupidity with the world.

If you were looking for deep thoughts on today’s historic event, you most definitely came to the wrong place!