Today at lunch I went for a walk. I was looking for animal tracks since we had another dusting of snow, and I did find some. In fact, I found some I had been looking for since this summer – crow!

Crow tracks in snow

Crow tracks in snow

When I first saw these, I thought they were pigeon tracks, but I later changed my mind. Just before finding these I had found a bunch of cat (I think) tracks, and about half the tracks had pigeon feathers in them. There were lots of feathers, so I’m assuming the cat got lucky. But when I examined the next set of tracks, I saw the drag marks. Crows often drag a toe behind them when they walk. Also, pigeons take shorter steps than these. So I’m convinced they are crow tracks.

When I couldn’t find any crow tracks this summer, I finally tried my hand at drawing some on the computer. That’s what I ended up using in the Animal Tracking honor. These look just like my drawing, and I might add them to the Wikibook too.

When I got home tonight Va was making what we call a “silly supper.” I love silly suppers – they consist of scrambled eggs and pancakes. David loves them too, because he loves pancakes, but has a hard time with breakfast. I’m a bit like that too actually, and so is my Dad. Three generations of breakfast eschewers.

After we ate, I thought I’d head into the woods behind the house and see what kind of tracks were out there. The only interesting thing I could find were mice tracks. Apparently one (or more) are living in my brush pile. I am planning to light that up just any time now, because as long as there’s snow on the ground, I don’t need a permit. I’m sure the mice can find another home. It probably also has chipmunks. So… should I have a heart? Maybe I will.

On the way to work this morning Beth told me that Mom said she had eggs inside of her. According to Beth, they would eventually hatch inside her when she was ready to have a baby. She even made up a song about that, which I found pretty amusing. When we picked up our first rider, Beth told her that she (the rider) had eggs inside her too. She refused to believe this, and insisted vehemently that she did not. Beth explained that they were not chicken eggs, they were human eggs, but she remained unconvinced. And perhaps offended.