I was not expecting more snow today, but that’s what we got. About five inches worth. It was still coming down when I got up, and we didn’t need to go anywhere, so I went back to bed after breakfast. Beth climbed in bed with me and read for a while. I don’t know why she did that, but there you go.

I only napped for about an extra 90 minutes, and felt the better for it too. I got up, got dressed, and got to cracking on the driveway. First I readjusted the scoop guides on the snowblower, and it did a much better job today than it did last week. It now clears the snow off within a quarter of an inch instead of three quarters. That really makes a big difference. I don’t think I picked up any gravel either, and the shear pins remained intact throughout the driveway clearing operation. I count that as success!

Once that was done, Va and I went for some lunch. The boys are still a bit behind on their school work, so we left them at home to work on that. Beth didn’t want to come, so we left her behind as well.

We got home around 3:00. I got ready for the Pathfinder meeting, and then we shoved off for that at 4:00. We picked up two other kids on the way and got there 15 minutes early (which is how I like to arrive). I got things set up, and the meeting commenced on time.

The meeting ran smoothly too, and I always like that as well. After AY time, Cheryl ran the older kids through drilling, while Jessica and I took the younger ones (and the new members). We’re up to 15 kids now, which is a pretty sizeable club for the Northern New England Conference!

Once we finished up our drilling and marching, we went into the Knot Tying honor. I have the staff and the older Pathfinders teaching knots to the younger ones. David is not enjoying it because he doesn’t remember all his knots. Still, I think it’s good for the older ones to teach the younger ones whenever that’s possible. It doesn’t look like we’re going to finish this one as soon as I had hoped though. We have a lot more work to do on it, and only one more week allotted. Then we have to start in on our Pinewood Derby cars, as that will take place next month.

During the meeting I got a call from Va. Our neighbors wanted to borrow our snowblower. I called them up, but they didn’t pick up (they were already on the phone). I left a message explaining that my snowblower is full-o-quirks, has absolutely no safety features, and is a bear to operate, but if they wanted to, I would gladly let them use it. I even offered to clear their driveway myself. They didn’t return my call, so I called again when I got home. They had found some other way to take care of it.

WHen the meeting was over, Jonathan proposed that we make a stop at Taco Bell, so we did. Warran and Adam were there, so we ate with them. The soda machine was broken, so they wanted to know what we wanted to drink. I asked David what he wanted, and he said “Can;t I just get it myself?” I pointed to the machine which had this sign taped to it:



David about died laughing and lamented that I did not have my camera with me. Except that I did. I handed it to him, and he took the picture.