This morning I got up a little early and hopped in the shower. It was a little cold in the bathroom when I got out, so I went ahead an put on my undershirt before I brushed my teeth. Then I got dressed, and Beth and I set out for school. I noticed I was a bit more chilly than usual as I pulled out of the driveway, and then I realized why – I had not put on an outer shirt.

Now before you get any ideas, my “undershirt” is simply a shirt I wear under a heavier shirt. It is often a solid colored T with a pocket, and sometimes it may even have long sleeves (as it did today). In the summer, that’s all I need, but in the winter, I use those as an inner layer.

But since I had intended to use it as an undershirt, I feel it is not really that much of a stretch to say that the most common nightmare among all mankind – going to school (or work) in your underwear – came true for me today.

At first I thought, “Meh. It doesn’t matter.” But I kept finding myself feeling cold. So at 10:30 I called Va and asked her to bring me an outer shirt when she came into town. And she did. She also brought me a second “undershirt” (by my definition). She thought I was running around the office in a white crew-neck T-shirt. I guess I didn’t explain it well on the phone. I felt much better after getting “dressed” and she felt much better knowing I wasn’t as naked as she thought I was.

After I got home and we got the house cleaned up a little,I went outside to see if there were any new tracks in the snow. I found what I’m thinking were fox prints. Maybe I just have fox on the brain, but these prints were definitely canine (foxes are in the Canidae family), and they were smaller than the tracks Penny leaves. They crossed the property from north to south in pretty much a straight line. I took photos, but none turned out that well. Afterwards I read in my tracking book that red foxes leave a V-shaped ridge on the heel pad. These heel pads were pretty small, and the pictures aren’t good enough to tell if there was a V-ridge or not. I’ll go out and look again tomorrow.

After that, I took the kids over to the church for the Agape Feast. Va opted to stay home and have a bit of alone time (which she can most definitely use). I enjoyed the service very much, though there are a few people who weren’t there that I missed.

Pastor Cliff had his hip replacement surgery today, and it went well – a textbook case. That’s good. I expect he’ll be out of the hospital in another day or two. We’ll all be glad to get him back.