This morning I got the kids to school a little late. I’m going to have to get up earlier or something – I hate being late. As the girls were in the back seat chattering, they happened to mention something about ice skating, and that was what reminded me. I dropped them off, but before I left, I called Va and asked her if I was supposed to have brought a check with me to give to Camille so she could pay for the ice skating. Oops! Yes, I was. She said she’d come in a little early and bring the check. I decided to pop in on class and let Camille know that the check was on its way so she shouldn’t have to worry. Then it was off to work for me.

Va called me today around 3:00pm. Pastor Cliff had gone to the ice arena with the school, and he fell on the ice. He managed to break his femur. I emailed the other elders to let them know, and I called the one who doesn’t use email and left him a voicemail.

Shortly after that I got a call from Brian (our new head elder). We went to the hospital to visit with Cliff and anoint him (as per James 5). He had spent the entire afternoon in the ER, but just as we got there, he had been moved to a room. His wife Sue was there, and he was just getting settled in, surrounded by nurses (including Sue, though she nurses at the hospital in Laconia). They were asking him all kinds of very personal questions, so we tried to not listen. I was thinking maybe we should have repeatedly clapped our hands over our ears as we yelled “HIPAA! HIPAA! HIPAA!” so we couldn’t hear what they were saying, but that would have been… disruptive?

They had him on some happy pills, but honestly, Cliff is always happy anyhow, so it was hard to tell. Our church requires that a pastor be present at an anointing, but luckily, Cliff is a pastor, so that counted. We prayed for him, and Brian applied the oil. Then we grabbed his car keys and left (more on that in a minute).

We got in the elevator and I pressed “G”. Then noticed that there was another button labelled “Lobby” so I pressed that one too. Brian thought “G” was correct because we came in through the ER entrance. But when the door opened to the lobby, we saw Camille and her husband Shawn. We hopped off and chatted with them for a few minutes. Shawn is the pastor in West Lebanon, NH, and we needed to talk to him anyhow.

Tomorrow we’re having an Agape Feast at church, which is sort of a special communion service. We needed to ask Shawn if he’d fill in for Cliff, but he couldn’t. Shawn was only the first person on the list of pastors for us to ask, so we still had options (the second person on the list agreed to fill in, incidentally).

Cliff’s car was still at the ice arena, so Brian and I went to get it. I drove it to the church, and someone else will ferry it to his house tomorrow. Then Brian took me back to the hospital and I got in my car and came home.

Cliff is supposed to have surgery tomorrow, so hopefully that will go well. I’m not saying it’s a good thing he broke his leg, but it is good that everyone in the church is now thinking about all he does for us. He is a very fine man indeed, and well-loved by his congregation. Get well soon Cliff!