This morning I took Penny out for some exercise and noticed more squirrel tracks, pretty much all over the woods. I did think up one more way to differentiate between squirrel and rabbit tracks. The primary way I tell is by the front feet (which print between and behind the hind feet). Rabbit forefeet print one behind another. Squirrel forefeet print side-by-side. That’s the usual way of telling them apart. The way I thunk up today was that if the tracks lead to the base of a tree and then stop… those are squirrel tracks. Or a rabbit that has been abducted by aliens (or an owl).

Tonight at the Pathfinder meeting we worked on the Knot Tying honor. I had a lot to do to prepare for that too. I went to Lowes and bought 20 feet of 1×12 (5 1x12x48s actually). I brought them home and cut them each in half. These are now knot boards. I also went out in the woods and cut 10 24″ limbs. I fastened these to the tops of the 1x12x24’s with dowels. These will be used for tying hitches. I fastened the branches to the boards and tossed them in the trunk. Then we went on to the meeting.

We had three new members join us tonight. I mentioned them in yesterday’s post, but back then, it was expected – now it’s fact. Yay! After our opening ceremonies, I divided everyone into two groups: staff plus those who had already earned the Knot Tying honor, and everyone else. Then I lined them both up with the two groups facing one another and called forward march. Of course, they stopped as soon as they met, and that’s how I paired them up (teacher and student).

I did have one staff member take on two students, but he is very capable, so that worked our pretty well. We did that for 45 minutes or so, and then did some marching and drilling. Our new members were taken to the side and one of the teens worked with them, teaching the basic moves. The rest were drilled by Cheryl (she’s very good at that). After drill, we separated into two groups again – those who have been working on the Basketball honor, and those who have not. The “have nots” worked on the Geology honor, and the rest of us worked on b-ball. We went outside (it was 20 degrees) and played a game. Other than me (the referee), we had 10 people, so that worked out nicely. We played for 20-30 minutes and then came in and worked on some of the finer points (bounce passes, etc). Then Jonathan presented a devotional and I made announcements. Dimissed!

Afterwards, I spoke to the new members from Laconia and their grandfather (he is their guardian). We set them up with uniforms, and I went over our point system. I also explained a dozen other aspects of our program. We left shortly after that, stopping at Taco Bell on the way home.

It was a good meeting!