Today after church the Pathfinders went to visit a couple of shut-ins. First we had potluck though. Va had an Adventurers meeting, and had asked me to set up the projector and connect her laptop to it so she could go through her presentation. I did that. I also had a meeting to go over the plans for our communion service this coming Friday, but I could only stay at that for 15 minutes. Then we went to visit a couple of grandmas.

The first one we went to see used to be the Pathfinder director year ago, and for many years. She seemed pretty happy that we had come. We talked about what we had been doing this year, and we sand a few of the old hymns with her. When we tried to leave, she requested that we sing one more, so we did. Then she gave everyone a piece of fudge.

The second grandma is a bit older than the first – I think she’s 90. She was not as spritely as the first one, but I think she was just as happy for us to be there. Again, we sand hymns with her. We left them both with a recording of today’s church service, which included an ordination for a new elder, a new deacon, and a new deaconess.

I also got to give a couple of registration packets to a guy from the Laconia Adventist Church. He has been bringing his grandchildren to Concord lately because they don’t have many kids in Laconia. We invited them to join Pathfinders and invited the boy to join us on our visitation outing. (We would have invited his older sister, but she wasn’t with them today – but she is very much interested in joining the club). He rode with me and David, and he was quite a talker. He even out-talked David! But David seemed to like him, and he seems like a nice kid. He and his sister may come to the meeting tomorrow – we’ll see. If they do, that will be three new members added in 2009 (the third one is the son of a staff member, and he is just turning 10 years old).

Of course this means I may need to order a couple more tickets to Oshkosh, and maybe two more Pinewood Derby cars. But those are good problems to have.

While we were out visiting our shut-ins, Va finished up the Adventurer meeting, and she, Beth, and Jonathan went on home to free Penny. Jonathan stayed behind, because he and another one of my older Pathfinders serve as counselors for the Little Lambs club, which is basically Adventurers for the four-year-old crowd.

When the Pathfinders got back from visiting our shut-ins, we hung out for another 40 minutes, because that’s when a church business meeting was to take place. That was uneventful (which is a good thing, especially for a church business meeting), and we got home a little after 6:00.

So that’s been my day. Now I need to figure out what honor we’re going to work on at tomorrow night’s Pathfinder meeting!