It has been snowing all day. It’s after 8:00pm now, and it’s still coming down. It’s kinda hard to guess how much we’ve had today, because we got about a foot yesterday too. We’ve added at least another foot.

After breakfast, I just went back to bed. I had decided to postpone our regular Pathfinder meeting scheduled for tonight. It just didn’t make any sense to ask people to get out in this. We’ll make it up on Dec 31 before our New Year’s Eve party.

I did a little house cleaning after I got up. I had intended to resume my efforts to make costumes for Camp In, but somehow never got around to that.

Va went out and shoveled the deck off, and Penny was there to helpfully intercept every shovelful before it could hit the ground. When they came back in, Penny had ice frozen into the fur of her feet so that it sounded as if she were wearing tap shoes. Click, click, click, click. She’s been needing a bath, so David and I gave her one. She associates the word “bath” with Beth being told to go take one. Or maybe she just confuses “Beth” with “bath” – it’s hard to tell. We went up and ran some bathwater, which mightily confused the dog, as Beth was in the backyard playing. Once the water was ready, we went to fetch the dog, and she seemed to know exactly what was about to happen, and resisted capture. I did capture her, but she peed on the carpet. David dealt with that, and I carried her up the stairs and placed her in the tub. Then we shampooed her down, rinsed her off, and toweled her down as best we could. I contend that it is not possible to get a dog dry with a towel. Once we let her out of the tub, she shook herself dry (though not totally) and darted down the stairs. Maybe this will cure her of her desire to come up the stairs.

After that, I installed the shear pin on the snowblower, and lowered these doo-dads on the side of the snow intake chute. They raise the scoop off the ground, and I figured that if I raised the scoop about a half inch, it would be less likely to scoop up gravel. Gravel gets lodged between the housing and the tines, and that is what breaks shear pins. Each guide is held on by two bolts. For some reason, the front bolt was long, and the back one was short. My guess is that the front bolts broke off once upon a time and were replaced by longer ones. The reason I guess that is because I twisted off the rear bolts. I went ahead and tightened up the front ones though, and at about 6:00pm I fired the beast up and cleared the driveway. It snowed at least another inch while I was doing that, but I figured I ought to clear what I could tonight so there wouldn’t be so much to do in the morning. I dunno if Beth will have school or not in the morning – kinda hard to call. But I know that I will have work, so I will be doing some more snow blowing early tomorrow.

The snow is supposed to taper off some time tonight, but I’m guessing there will be at least another three inches on the driveway when I wake up. Then we’re supposed to get… snow showers Monday.