Life is pretty much back to normal for us following this ice storm, but it is decidedly not back to normal for lots of other people. I still know several people without power. I am really thankful that we are not numbered with them.

This morning after breakfast I thought I might go back to bed for a little while. I told Beth to wake me up at 10:00, and then went upstairs and climbed under the covers again. Then I remembered that I was supposed to meet a guy in Tilton at 10:00 to deliver some fruit. So instead, I got dressed. Beth and I made the delivery on time. Then we went to Walmart and bought Va a small gift. We were going to get something for the boys too, but couldn’t find what we were looking for. Va and Beth took care of that later in the day though, so all is not lost.

Then I started getting ready for the Pathfinder meeting. I have been late to the previous two and was determined that I would be on time today. I hate it when people are late, and I hate it the most when I am the people!

Originally, I was thinking we’d work on the Orienteering honor, but all of the teens in the club already have it. So I thought maybe they would like to work on something else. But what? I asked David if he’d like to work on the Basketball honor, and yes, he very much would thanks! But one of the other kids in the club wanted to work on that one too, so I decided to forgo Orienteering. I called Melissa to see if she wanted to teach an indoor honor rather than freezing with us, and she allowed as how that was an excellent suggestion. She chose to teach Ferns (bummer – that was one I wanted to get myself).

Meanwhile, Va quizzed Jonathan on his school progress and we found that he is over a month behind in all his classes. We therefore decided that he would not be attending the Pathfinder meeting tonight. I don’t know what we’re going to do with him. He really needs to finish HS on time so he can get a summer job so he can pay for some of his tuition. I would hate to see him go into debt before he gets a “real” job, but that’s the direction he’s heading.

By then we were getting pretty hungry for lunch. I thought I might go in early (fruit pick up was to start at 4:00) and either mess with the school’s network or clear some brush. Va and I drove separate cars so David and I could stay for the meeting and she and Beth could return home. We went to Olive Garden. Then we went our separate ways. David and I went to the church. That’s when I found that I had taken my brush cutting equipment out of the car – it’s hanging in the garage. So… networking! One of the guys at work had given me an old PC that might make a decent thin client to replace the one with the bad motherboard. So we went to my office and grabbed that. Then I started to configure it when I realized that my time might be better spent marking out a basketball court. We went to Walmart and I bought some sidewalk chalk and a 100′ tape measure. Then David and I laid out the court.

While we were doing that, one of my fruit customers arrived. We abandoned the tape measure and the chalk and went to take care of loading their order. As we were finishing, a man showed up and asked if “this stuff” was ours – the cahlk and tape measure. He was there to pick up a car (which was left on the b-ball court, which is also a parking lot). Yup. Then he left. That’s when I figured out how he found our stuff. He had run over it with the car he arrived in. That cracked the case of the tape measure and snapped off the little nubbin you hang onto when you reel in the tape. Bummer! I’ll see if I can replace the nubbin with something.

By then it was good and dark and the meeting was about to start. Not many people showed up at first, but we eventually had pretty good participation. Out of the nine kids that were there, seven wanted to play basketball and two wanted to work on ferns. So we played some roundball in the dark while the other two (and Melissa) worked on Ferns. A good time was had by all. We’ll do this again next week, weather permitting.