A couple of days ago I got an email from the fruit company with an attached Word doc telling me when my fruit would arrive in Keene. I hate getting word documents in my email. I open them with OpenOffice, but even if I had Word, it still takes several seconds for the application to fire up and open the stinkin’ attachment. So I didn’t bother for a couple of days. I remembered it again last night, so I took a peek, and it’s a good thing I did.

They usually give us a range of delivery dates, and to my knowledge, we’ve received our fruit on the last day in the range every time. New Hampshire is not exactly close to Florida. So I figured there was little risk in not checking immediately. But not this time! This time, we’re getting our fruit on the very first day they listed. Say what?!

So I had some scrambling to do. I was fully expecting to drive to Keene on Sunday morning, but instead, I’ll be going Thursday evening. Delivery is at 6:00pm, so I’ve got to leave work a little before 4:00, go out to Ken’s place to get his truck, then drive to Keene. Then I’ve got to figure out where to put the fruit. We usually store it in my Sabbath School room, because a) the teacher won’t complain, and b) it’s usually cold in there in the winter. But I really don’t like doing that. It’s like saying to the kids, “you’re so important to us, that we’re using your classroom as a warehouse!”

So I’m thinking about either rigging up a little heat in the Pathfinder cargo trailer just to keep it above freezing, or wheeling the cart full of folding tables out of its closet and storing the fruit in there. The tables can just sit in the fellowship hall for a couple of days.

The risks with the trailer are that I might not be able to heat it sufficiently and the fruit freezes. Also – mice. The past couple of days have been cold – like five degrees cold (Fahrenheit). Yesterday the high was about 25. But the forecasted low temperature for the next several days is a balmy 19, so maybe a 100 watt bulb or two could keep up with that.

The downside of using the table closet is that it’s not real cool in there, so the fruit could spoil a little quicker. But we should only have the fruit in there for a couple of days, so I’m not too worried about that. Also, no one is going to like have the tables out of the closet.

Then I have the logistical nightmare of calling all my customers and telling them the fruit will be here sooner rather than later. Plus arranging for someone to be there so they can pick it up. I kinda wish it would have arrived Sunday instead!

Still. I might rig up a 100 watt bulb and a thermometer in the trailer just to see what happens.