Yesterday we went caroling at the fire and police stations. There were eight places for us to hit, and over half of them were empty when we got there (out on calls). But the ones who were there all seemed to genuinely enjoy both the songs and (especially) the baked goods. We got back to the church around 4:00 and wrote some Christmas cards to recuperating soldiers. I left around 5:00pm.

Today I grabbed the ladder and put up the gutter heaters up on the back of the house. That took about two hours, and it went more smoothly than the front did (experience helps). Penny “helped” by bringing me sticks to throw.

This evening we had a regular Pathfinder meeting, and there were only a couple of disasters, both of which were caused by me. The Guide class is making a banner with iron-on letters. I had called Cheryl and asked her to bring an iron, because I was already on the way and I had forgotten to bring one. The disaster ensued when I attempted to iron the letters on. The iron was way too hot, and I was using the carpet as the ironing board. And the ironing board melted.

So… now we have a nasty melted spot in the carpet, and I feel pretty terrible about that. To top it off, I also managed to hit one of the iron-on letters with Cheryl’s iron, and it melted right onto the sole. Now it leaves a little black trail everywhere it goes. So the Pathfinders will be buying her a new iron. I have no idea how we’re going to fix the carpet.

Other than that, the meeting went pretty well.