Saturday, my Christmas present arrived. Va got me a Canon SX110, and it is one sweet camera. My favorite feature is the macro focus – I can get to within 1 cm of a subject and take the picture, and it will actually focus on it. Impressively so. My new hobby is going around taking extreme closeups of things, zooming in on the camera display, and then bugging the kids to try to guess what it is. My favorite macro subject was Jonathan’s toes. I’d post the photo here, but I don’t want to embarrass him too much. Penny’s nose makes a good subject as well, but that’s a hard picture to get because she fears the camera (and anything else that’s new, and/or electronic).

My second favorite feature is the optical zoom. This one is 10x. My previous camera only had a 3x optical zoom. This is a lot nicer.

So now that I once again have a working camera, I’ll start posting pictures again.

Yesterday, just before I destroyed the carpet at the church, I was working with my sewing machine, which now puckers the cloth as it sews. Cheryl suggested that I needed a finer needle, but I didn’t have one. I also told her that the needle was working fine on some cloth before I broke and fixed it, but after… that’s when the puckering started.

But as I began thinking about it today, I realized that I had probably dulled the needle pretty severely when it was mistimed – it was, after all, bashing point-first into the shuttle. I figured a blunt tip would likely have the same effect as a needle that was not fine enough, so I swapped it out with a new one. Bingo. No more puckering.

The machine is still not quite up to par though. With the pedal to the metal, it crawls along. I have no idea why it won’t go fast anymore, but considering my sewing skills, maybe that’s a good thing.