The citrus company called me today. Pioneer must have ordered more fruit just like I did, and their final tally exceeded ours. So I get to go to Keene to pick up the fruit next week. Oh well. I am not complaining though, because this is still the biggest fruit order we have ever placed.

Today after work I went home and helped get the house in order before sunset. Then Beth read us all a story about a guy who built chipmunk houses. I don’t think I would ever do that. Yes, they are cute, but they have a tendency to overpopulate (they’re rodents after all!) and then they start digging up the flower beds.

Then I took the kids, three dozen cookies, and a gazillion brownies (all baked by my lovely bride) to the church where we met Cheryl and Dirk (Cheryl was the Pathfinder director before me). We wrapped the cookies and brownies on some trays, and I put them in a tub for safe keeping until tomorrow. We will take them to all the fire and police stations in Concord after potluck tomorrow when we go caroling.

That’s about it for tonight! Thank you both for reading!