Tonight the software group went out for dinner on the company’s dime. We walked about a block south of the office to a place with a couple of pool tables in the basement and played five games, had some dinner, and just chummed around. The one thing that was most obvious was that I pegged the suck meter at pool. I have never been any good at it, even though I have a good grasp of the physics involved. Maybe that’s the difference between strategy and tactics. I knew what to do, but I sucked at actually doing it.

Party animals that we are, we kept at it until almost 8:00pm. Woohoo! Party on! I did have a good time though, and frankly, I much prefer an evening like that to loud music, dancing, and drunkeness. We could have cranked the party up a couple of notches if we had brought a Scrabble board. I might have held my own then.

Last night I signed up on an email list about the K12LTSP project (i.e., the software I’m running at the school). I had followed this list five years ago when I had another installation going, and with my quandry of which server to buy, I thought it would be a good place to seek advice. And I got some pretty good advice. I will go with the no-name brand rack server with the low-cost upgrade path. When it’s time.