I’ve got server fever. I found a web site that has some pretty incredible deals on some computer equipment – almost to the point where it seems too good to be true. Except that I have ordered from these people before and have been satisfied. They’ve got a couple of servers I’d like to buy for the school, but I’m having difficulty choosing between them.

The first one is a refurbished IBM. It’s super fast with lots of memory, but with a tiny hard drive. The upside of the HD is that it is an industrial grade drive – a SCSI Ultra320. That means it’s incredibly fast and well suited to what I want to use it for, but it’s short on capacity. The other downside is that if I go with SCSI, adding capacity will be expensive.

The other server is a no-name machine with about the same specs as the IBM, but not quite as fast, and with a commercial-grade hard drive. Meaning it’s not terribly slow, but I can add gobs of storage capacity on the cheap. It won’t perform as well, but it will perform good enough. I worry about it being made by a company I have never heard of though.

So that’s my quandry. Both are under $200. On to other things.

Today at work, two female coworkers were going around putting fake, electric candles in all the windows. The company does this every year. The woman who installed the candle in my office window was wearing a tad too much perfume, and she was also having a very difficult time getting to the electrical outlets. Meaning she spent a long time in there exuding perfume. Up to maybe 83% of her perfume in fact, escaped her person and infested the air in my office. I had to leave, because I really can’t stand perfume. I especially don’t like it when I walk through a department store during Christmas season and a “helpful” clerk is standing there with a spray bottle of the stuff dousing anyone who comes within shooting distance. Not that I go to department stores anymore. Va hardly lets me, because one time(several years ago) I actually ran the perfume gauntlet, with an actual running sort of motion. In a store. With perfume purveyors staring in disbelief.

Dave dropped in my office just as I was about to leave to get some fresh air, and he noticed it too. Then he taught me a neat trick – light a match! For whatever reason, I happened to have a box of matches in my coat pocket (left there from my last camping trip no doubt, even though that was well over two months ago). So I “fired one up” (ha ha!), and man – no more perfume smell. I will not soon forget that trick.

Shortly after that, I went to the drug store and bought an ingredient for making crystal meth. Not that I’m planning to do THAT or anything – I just needed some Sudafed for my sinuses. But they sure make you feel like a criminal these days, don’t they? It seems almost stupid to buy something that helps you detect odor even better when you’re choking on perfume fumes, but to me, being able to smell and breath through my nose is a mere side-effect. The main thing I was after was to relieve the pressure in there that was causing a tremendous headache. And it did. Also, by the time I got back, the perfume AND the burning sulfur odors had completely dissipated.

When I got home, I was planning to hang lights on the gutters. I went to the attic and brought down maybe 83 strings of lights. Then I started testing them. Several had over half the bulbs out, so I pitched them in the trash. I was trying to decide if I wanted to try to cobble together a set out of the ones that still worked, or just go out and blow another $1.83 on a new set, when Va suggested that maybe it would be OK to forgo the outside lights this year. She didn’t have to suggest that twice. That means I won’t have to risk electrocution by setting my aluminum ladder up on an insanely steep hillside mere inches from the power lines that feed the house. Hurray!

Maybe next year though.