Not a lot happened today. I brought in a tiny little orange I found on the ground at the arboretum yesterday. Well… Johnny found it buried in the leaves. This thing was about the same size as a golf ball, and I understand that they are very bitter to boot. When Ken was about to go make the announcements at church this morning, I handed him this little orange. He used it when announcing the deadline for ordering citrus from the Pathfinders as the main reason we get our fruit from Florida instead of from New England.

We didn’t have anything going on after church today, so we came straight home. David said that it was finally a “normal” day, but I suggested to him that he was incorrect on that count. “Normal” for us is to HAVE something going on after church. He agreed.

We had some lunch, and then I took a nap, which felt really great.

After the nap we had some dinner, and then I helped Beth with her piano lessons. She is really doing quite well – enough so that we are thinking about getting an electronic piano. We have a real cheap one that’s sorta doing the job, but not quite. If you press softly on the key you get the same tone as if you really hammer it. That was highly unfortunate when she was working on the difference between forte (loud) and piano (soft). But she has shown so much improvement since she started, and is still showing enthusiasm, that I think it’s time to upgrade.